Our Team

Dr. Lesley D. Frame

Portrait of Lesley D. Frame





Lesley D. Frame is Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Materials Processing Data at University of Connecticut. Dr. Frame received her BS from the Department of Materials Science Engineering at MIT, and she received her MS and PhD from University of Arizona in the same field. Upon completion of her Ph.D. she held postdoctoral positions at The Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy, and then at Cardiff University as a Fulbright Scholar conducting neutron diffraction research at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Dr. Frame spent five years in industry at Thermatool Corp. leading product development projects, the materials characterization lab, and process improvement efforts for the tube and pipe industry. Her current research is focused on materials processing-structure-property relationships and failure analysis related to metals manufacturing processes, residual stress formation, and corrosion.

Graduate Students

Portrait of Adanma Akoma

Adanma Akoma

PhD Student

Adanma joined the Frame Research Group in January 2020 as a PhD student at the Institute of Materials Science here at UCONN. Her interests of study include metallurgy, biometallics, and understanding structure-property relationships in metal alloys. Her current research project is focused on residual stress development during machining and heat treating aerospace alloys.

Janos Kanyo

PhD Student

Janos graduated from UConn with a BS from the Materials Science and Engineering department in 2019 before joining the Dr. Frame Research Group as a PhD student. His interests include processing of ceramics for extreme environments as well as biomedical applications. His current research revolves around processing of novel refractory materials for aerospace applications.

Portrait of Donghyun Kim

Donghyun Kim

PhD Student

Kim joined the Frame Research Group in January 2020 as a PhD student in MSE at the University of Connecticut. He is interested in corrosion properties of metals including steel and aluminum alloys. Kim’s current project is focused on corrosion of bridge steel.

Portrait of Alexandra Merkouriou

Alexandra Merkouriou

PhD Student

Alexandra obtained her BS in 2015 and MS in 2019 both in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut. Her master’s work involved the development and thermophysical characterization of a novel diamond silicon carbide ceramic for the semiconductor industry. She joined Dr. Frame’s group as a PhD student in the spring of 2020 and is currently investigating residual stresses in precision machining for the aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Kevin Sala

Kevin Sala

Masters Student

Kevin Sala graduated from the UCONN MSE program in May 2020, and is currently a graduate student in the Frame Lab. As an undergraduate, his main focus was on heat treatment and machining of titanium alloys and steel. Now, Kevin is working on the AFRL funded project for uncertainty quantification of heat treated aerospace gear steel.

Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang

PhD Student

Kevin joined the Frame Research Group in January 2019. He is studying the corrosion behaviors of metal additive manufacturing (AM) printed parts in aquatic environments. Primary alloys of interest include titanium alloys, stainless steels. and nickel-based superalloys (Inconel alloys).

Undergrad Students

Portrait of Elise Bessette

Elise Bessette


Elise is entering her third year in the MSE program at UConn. She has been working in the Frame lab since January 2020 with primary responsibilities of assisting in Industrial Affiliates Program projects and maintaining the lab website.

Portrait of Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon


Ryan will be a Junior in the Fall in Material Science and Engineering. He is contributing to several research efforts in the lab including the Uncertainty Quantification of residual stress formation in aerospace gear steel manufacturing. During the 2020 summer Ryan is participating in an internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on lithium sulfur batteries as part of the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships program.

Past Lab Members

Portrait of Evan Bryers

Evan Byers

Evan graduated from the MSE department at UCONN in May 2021. He started working in the Frame Research Group in January 2019 contributing to several projects including steel heat treating.

Anna Eligulashvili

Anna Eligulashvili


Anna has made significant contributions on a project that involves SEM Image Analysis to study red blood cells and echinocytes. This is a collaboration with a SUNY Stony Brook research team.

Portrait of Laura Lee

Laura Lee


Laura is an undergraduate studying Materials Science & Engineering, Class of 2022, and she has contributed to several research efforts in the lab including Industry Affiliates Program projects and the copper casting project.

Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson


Brittany graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering department in May 2021. She joined the Frame Research Group in 2020 as a McNair Scholar, and spent the summer studying the effects of tempering processes on the mechanical properties of alloy steel. She is currently pursuing her PhD at UMASS Amherst. A few of her research interests include biomaterials, nanomaterials, metals, and failure analysis.

Portrait of Alex Perkins

Alex Perkins

Recent Graduate

Alex is a recent graduate from the MSE program. He has worked in the Frame Research Group since January 2019. He has primarily contributed to two research projects: Corrosion behavior of bridge steel in aqueous environments and SEM Image Analysis of Red Blood Cells.

Portrait of Indraine Rambarran

Indranie Rambarran

Indranie primarily worked on a copper casting project and she made significant contributions to a project concerning residual stress formation during heat treating and machining of titanium alloys for aerospace applications.  We wish her well in her future endeavors!